The Lab EGEO is the lab for Experimental and Behavioural Economics of the University of Granada. It is hosted by the Research Group GAME (SEJ-631).

  • Created: 2021
  • Stations: 20
  • Location: Aula EGEO. Faculty of Economics and Business. Campus Universitario de La Cartuja 18071  Granada (Spain)
  • Contact: /


José J. Domínguez (Coordinator) (Google Scholar)

Juan Antonio Lacomba (Google Scholar)

Francisco Lagos (Google Scholar)

Lorenzo Ductor (Google Scholar)


Pedro Francés-Gómez (Google Scholar)

Latest Projects

Decreasing Car Use in Urban Settings (DECARUS). Projects for Ecological and Digital Transition. Call 2021. 

Re-designing Equality Policies in Labour Market: Conditional Quotas. Excellence Unit “Advanced Research in Economics and Business”. Call 2022.

Latest Papers